Welcome to The Home Run Shop!  We started this family business because we LOVE all things baseball.  After years of working hard in our respective careers, we decided to shift gears and build a business based on something we are passionate about.  

Growing up in Northern California, our childhoods were both filled with wonderful memories of America’s Pastime.  Jake started playing baseball when he was 6 and became consumed with the game.  He found happiness in the structure and challenges of the game.  Erin grew up in a family where baseball was a lifestyle.  She spent her childhood attending her brother’s games, coached by her dad, with her mom supporting from the stands.  She began playing softball in middle school to round out the family of 4’s love of baseball . . . There was never a season without the game.    

Erin and Jake welcomed their first son, Ryder, in 2011 and their second son, Cody, in 2013.  Baseball would quickly become a way of life in the Ekstrum family.  Both boys started playing as soon as they were old enough to catch, throw & swing a bat.  Now weekends are spent together with both boys playing in Travel Ball Tournaments and living the baseball life! Thanks to some amazing programs our kids are learning life lessons as players, teammates and young men and that is the greatest gift the game of baseball has given our family. 

And so here we are, opening up a Baseball Shop.  We couldn’t be more excited about this journey!  Our kids have taken part in naming our store, providing input on our logo, selecting the equipment we are selling and, of course, reminding us they will be the first to demo any new models.  For us, we had an even bigger reason to pursue this dream.  We wanted to give back to Little Leagues and Travel Ball teams.  Without these organizations, all of our childhood memories and those we are creating with our own kids, would not exist.  Visit our Mission page for more info on how we give back!

Thank you for supporting our family business! 

- Jake, Erin, Ryder & Cody 

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”